FK Syndicate GROUP

Roblox could be considered our "metaverse" because even tho i was just thinking of only having our irl clothes on roblox for y'all to rep them on there as well,  I wanna do more, in the future we will be holding fit contests, have private servers in popular maps or even our own map so that we all can play together and have fun, everything will be announced through our discord, roblox drops, giveaways, etc and now that maps such us "PLS DONATE" came up with a new way of giving away robux we can reward and essentially give back to those who joined our group or copped some items using our group's fund. The ranks' purpose is to give to those in higher ranks more benefits like what we did for diamond members - where we sent a free poster to them and the only thing they needed to do was filling out a google form. Google forms are gonna be used to help us verify stuff so be ready to fill out a couple of those. The group's fund will be used to invest more into the group, meaning we will use those robux to create prive servers, drop more stuff, do giveaway, and hold contests and more. So if you are interested in being part of this join our group named FK SYNDICATE, and dont forget the following - more people, more fun.